In a previous article I mentioned how intellectually challenged feminists tried to ban the Protein World ads, which featured slender vegan fashion and fitness model Renee Somerfield.  The reason was obvious, in the game of oneupwomanship based on looks and dress sense, the fat pride feminists are losers.  Their wish to ban the advert had nothing to do with the product and everything to do with them trying to normalise obesity.  In the end it was Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, who banned the ads as a means of trying to attain some ‘progressive’ credibility.

burkha bikini

The feminists’ love of the burka, a garment designed specifically for the subjugation of women, is driven by the same motivation, to destroy the competition from other women.  Yes there are plenty of women who don’t feel comfortable in a bikini and there are some women – goths for example – who enjoy wearing black in the middle of the summer.  The issue of the burka is that it covers the face in a civilised society where face-to-face contact and body language are just as important as the spoken word; though burka wearing is hardly conducive to intelligible conversation.

In a civilised society the burka, like its fashion sister the niqab, is no more and no less acceptable than the balaclava, the de rigeur head covering worn by bank robbers and terrorists.  For Muslims however the burka is an important expression of their ongoing culture war against the ‘decadent’ secular developed nations of the world, the nations whose generous welfare states they are happy to take advantage of.  This is a culture war in which they have found anti-secular fake ‘progressives’ as allies, a measure of how distorted ‘progressivism’ has become over the past few decades.




This blog is persistently followed by two creeps with the ID’s of Vegan Bajan and Smart Diet.  Pathological stalkers such as those running the Vegan Bajan and Smart Diet accounts inevitably become both cyberbullies and real-life, not just virtual, stalkers; so they are dangerous as well as sick.  Be warned.  I empathise with those who have suffered from real-life stalkers, with men just as likely to be targeted as women.  These stalkers should be sent down and for other people’s safety it is as well to spot the early signs to forewarn them.  If you think that a vegan cannot be a stalker, think again about why some people with obsessive views can develop compulsive behaviour.  Oh and this blog also gets ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ without views from bot accounts (usually ‘news’ sites) but everyone on WordPress gets them.  The ‘followers’ can be deleted and – unlike Vegan Bajan and Smart Diet – do not persistently re-appear.


of hashtagging; the cryptic codes of True Believers.  Ever more fanatical religious devotion to Centralised Authority, the Counter Reformation in full swing after the Great Heresy of two years ago.  Where did it all come from?  It didn’t exist until the Great Heresy.  Such support as there was for Centralised Authority was lax, based on its supposed economic benefit, of clinging to other countries whose populations would never consider a Political Reformation.  Now, this Counter Reformation is driven by fear.  How dare any country go it alone, be self-sufficient?  How dare the people rebel against the political priesthood?  They need the safety, the comfort of the Holy Mother Union, the cradle of civilisation back to Charlemagne.


With the Anglosphere descending into a misandric abyss it is inevitable that every man – even a pint-sized soyboy like myself – will at sometime in his life face a false accusation of rape, sexual assault or ‘inappropriately’ touching someone.  Celibacy is the obvious mitigation against a rape accusation, which isn’t to say that a man who has never had sex with his accuser, whose name he will never find out, is immune to being accused.  It is just that even with the highly flawed British criminal ‘justice’ system, where convictions for rape and sexual assault are now based on numbers rather than justice, it would be difficult for the accusation to stick.  An accusation of sexual assault – which could be the result of just brushing past someone in a busy railway station – where the police and judiciary are determined to fit someone up for the sake of a ‘result’, could still result in conviction and there really is nothing that you could do about it.

You can mitigate against being accused of ‘inappropriately’ touching someone, but being regularly and involuntarily squashed up against someone else on a crowded commuter train doesn’t leave much leeway, except to find another way to commute.  Cycling is in my opinion the best means of commuting if you have a regular base location – better still if your employer provides shower and changing facilities – but I realise that not everyone does and even those that do cannot necessarily afford to live that near to it.  Presently I do but previously I used to car-share with a male colleague; this I will still do if I and another male colleague are both off-site at the same location on the same day.  Like any sensible man I am wary about offering a lift to any female; she would have to be a colleague of my own age group whom I have known and trusted for several years.  Besides which, the car that I drive is sufficiently low status that no younger female would contemplate being seen in it, even if I were to offer her a lift, so I can safely offer knowing that my offer would be turned down.

I am not going to pretend that a car bestows liberty, given the costs (fixed and running) of even the least expensive, but it is your own space, albeit in a crowded country with congested roads.  Before the end of this year I shall no longer have a car except when I need to hire one.  I am not a petrolhead by inclination and I’m happy to travel by train when it’s a direct journey and not overcrowded.  I did this on my Pilgrimage to Stockport, as a change from driving.  But as a man nowadays in a post-industrial society where arrogant privileged middle-class females are economically ascendant in every area, you have to be guarded about your personal security as we live in a society where every male over the age of puberty is considered to be a ‘potential’ rapist, an ‘original sin’ on the basis of his chromosomes.  This is not a new trend, feminists have been peddling it since the 1980’s; it is just that they now have greater media access to do so.  With us all labelled as such, it should eliminate any stigma of being accused, though it hasn’t yet.  Perhaps it will and then what will the #MeToo feminist bigots do?

As an addendum, since I drafted this earlier in the week, one of Britain’s best-known actors stated the obvious about #MeToo, that it is essentially out to destroy normal heterosexual courtship.  Few normal single women would turn down a date with a handsome, intelligent, talented, well-spoken bloke like him; but if he is wary of ending up in prison just for asking it really does show how fucked-up the Anglosphere has become.


Frugal use of clean drinking water gets more publicity during a drought but afterwards when the rainfall and temperature have returned to their temperate norms, a lot of people give up what they may have practiced; even when the reservoirs have still yet to be replenished to normal levels.  One can only hope that some people will see the financial benefit, in their water bills, as well as the environmental one in maintaining that frugality.  One habit that I got into several years ago was using dirty dishwater to flush the loo, rather than tipping it down the kitchen sink, taking care to ensure not to allow any dregs of food at the bottom of the washing-up bowl, leftover rice grains or lentils, go down the bog with that dishwater.  Other residual dirty water, from washing windows and sills, I just chuck on the lawn.  I do however use clean drinking water on the herbs, the lavender, rosemary and sage plants in my garden – maybe I shouldn’t – but I want them to survive; and they attract bees, so there is an ecological benefit in not allowing those plants to die.  I water them early in the morning or late in the evening; at present twice a week until it rains.

peta hollywood usa

A plant-based, i.e. vegan, diet is apparently best holistically in terms of water usage.  To say that it is better per se from an ecological viewpoint, one would have to look at the food miles involved – eating ‘organic’ fruit for example grown thousands of miles away is somewhat self-defeating in terms of protecting the environment – and the holier-than-thou attitude that many vegans espouse, whether using the ecology argument or any other, can be off-putting to others,   Which brings me on to PETA, which will utilise almost any publicity stunt, usually involving nudity – the shock value of which disappeared a long time ago – to gets its message across.  One of PETA’s claims is that one steak is the equivalent in water usage to fifty baths; based on about fifteen thousand five hundred litres of water being needed to produce one kilogram of beef, compared with just a thousand litres to produce one kilogram of wheat.

The Vegan Society quotes the same statistic, backing it up by comparison with one hundred and eighty litres of water needed to grow one kilo of tomatoes and two hundred and fifty litres for one kilo of spuds.  The Vegan Society also states that the beef statistic is due to growing crops to feed livestock rather than for direct consumption by people; it also makes the important point that since a large percentage of the crops fed to European farmed animals are grown in developing countries, this wasted water comes not only from European reserves but also from the very countries where drinking water is most scarce.  That is notwithstanding the huge amounts of taxpayer subsidy that European livestock farmers receive; and although the Vegan Society is bound to be biased in promoting its ethical philosophy, neither it nor the equivalent vegan societies in other countries, which are all run independently, are engaged in empire-building like PETA is.


Edvard Munch – High Summer II, 1915, from 1990 calendar.  It’s more colourful than summer looks now with the grass parched, more brown than green; and it’s too warm to feel the inclination to type a lengthy article.  The warmest summer in my lifetime was 1976, when reservoirs ran dry after a winter of low rainfall.  It was also the first time the ‘greenhouse effect’ became a topic of political and media conversation.  I was too young to care though I did about the water shortages.  It is not yet that bad, as there is no ban yet on using a watering can as I did yesterday evening on my garden shrubs.  Of course you know when it is warm relatively speaking here in Blighty as the tabloids start quoting the temperature in Fahrenheit.


Europe is sexy, or so this very dated photograph would imply.  In a political sense ‘Europe’ is now far larger than the map shown on this woman’s ample bust.  That enlargement has with itself brought political conflicts which were always bound to happen when more than two dozen countries, most with no common mother tongue and each with a long-established national identity, were wedged into a one-size-fits-all political union.

europe bust

The photograph dates from the campaign for the referendum on continued membership of the European Community held a few years after the British government had signed up.  It was only with a change of government from Tory to Labour that a referendum was allowed, the Tories frightened of allowing a referendum beforehand lest it deliver the wrong result.  Whilst the principle of ever closer union was known to the electorate at the time of joining, it was sold to them by the government on the basis of a ‘Common Market’ for trade and nothing more.  I have to admit that I can’t remember either us joining or the subsequent referendum on the matter, as neither were of any importance to me during my childhood.  Only from history books on the subject did I later find out about which politicians were for or against the European Community, the ‘Common Market’.

One of those most strongly in favour of the European Community during that referendum was the one who went on to become Prime Minister four years later and whose government went on to sell off almost all of our national infrastructure.  She, our first female Prime Minister, also signed the Single European Act, something which Guardianista ‘progressives’ conveniently forget or are wilfully ignorant about; ditto with many of her fans, those who are too young to remember how her government allowed industry to collapse, deregulated the banking sector and encouraged a housing bubble fuelled by easy credit and mortgage equity withdrawl.

No referendum was allowed prior to her signing the Single European Act, nor was one allowed prior to her successor, another Tory, signing the Treaty that formalised the European Community into the European Union; which in itself dropped the pretence that had been peddled in Britain of the European political project for ever closer union being nothing more than a ‘Common Market’.  And so on, with the Labour Party shedding all of its founding principles whilst moving ever more in favour of the European Union to the point that ideologically it was inseparable from the Tories.

There were some dissenters within the Labour Party against this shift, one of those a man opposed to British military intervention in the Middle East, opposed to British troops being in Northern Ireland and opposed all along to the European Community and the European Union, voting in the House of Commons against every measure for ever closer union.  That man, also a long-standing vegetarian, surprisingly became leader of the Labour Party nine months before a referendum was eventually held, two years ago, on British membership of the European Union.

During that referendum campaign he publicly came out in favour of the ever closer union that he had always opposed, looking as uncomfortable doing so as he would have done chewing on a fillet steak.  In doing so he undermined his political credibility in order that he could cling to the party leadership, hardly the first politician to have done so, but he missed the bigger picture in that he could have provided national leadership to achieve what he had always believed in.  And he knows that Britain’s national infrastructure can never be taken back into public ownership as long as we remain tied to that ever closer union, which exists for the benefit of multinational corporations, not the peoples of Europe.